I. General provisions
  1. Terms and Conditions determine the principles of functioning of tourist accommodation services, rules of making and cancelling a reservation, reservation payment methods and deadlines, confirmation of making a reservation, and complaints in the WILLY WALLS building at ul. Węgierska 16 in Kraków, Poland (hereinafter the Building or Willy Walls).
  2. Terms and Conditions are applicable to all people using the Willy Walls services starting from the moment of reservation.
  3. Prices provided on the Building’s website are gross prices (include VAT tax) and transactions are made in the PLN currency. Prices provided in other currencies are only indicative and are converted at approximate rates.
  4. Rooms are rented for days. Check-in starts at 3:00 PM and lasts until 11:00 AM of the following day. If the Guest does not determine the period of stay, it is assumed that the room has been rented for one day.
  5. In case when the Guest wants to extend check-in, s/he should report to Willy Walls by 9:00 AM of the day, on which the rent date expires. However, such report does not bind Willy Walls and mainly depends on the availability of an apartment. Extension of the check-in is related to an additional payment.
  6. Willy Walls is an unmanned building equipped with access control system utilising PIN access codes. The Guest gains access to the apartment after confirming the reservation by receiving PIN access code/-s to the apartment, main doors leading to Willy Walls and door located at the staircase. PIN codes are active only for the paid duration of reservation. Code to the apartment is assigned only to the apartment covered by earlier paid reservation.
  1. The apartment reservation contract is concluded via telephone or e-mail with the use of reservation form available on the website www.willywalls.devindsight.pl or through an on-line reservation system run for Willy Walls.
  2. In order to make a reservation, the Guest must provide a security in the form of credit or payment card number, data of person owning the card, card validity date, CVC code, and authorisation to debit the card account or by making a payment upfront.
  3. At the moment of receiving a reservation request via the on-line reservation system www.willywalls.devindsight.pl, Willy Walls sends on the e-mail address provided by the Guest information regarding pre-payment methods on account of advance for provided services. In case of choosing traditional bank transfer as payment method, Willy Walls sends on the e-mail address provided by the Guest number of bank account, to which the payment in the amount of 30% of price resulting from the offer for planned stay in case of refundable reservation or 100% of price resulting from the offer in case of non-refundable reservation should be made. After the advance payment is booked on the account of Willy Walls, the Guest making a reservation will receive confirmation by sending an e-mail message to the e-mail address provided by him/her.
  4. The reservation can be cancelled in case, when the offer conditions have envisioned such possibility and it can be done by the Guest using the reservations system or by sending a cancellation request in e-mail form on the address: hello@willywalls.pl
  5. The price of cancelling the reservations depends on the conditions of offer, on the basis of which the reservation was made:
    1) in case, when reservation was made with possibility to cancel it with simultaneous refund of whole or part of costs, then the said costs will be refunded within 14 days in a way corresponding to made payment (e.g. payment with a card – on the account of the card, in case of a bank transfer – on the bank account from which bank transfer was made);
    2) in case when a reservation was made without cost cancellation, then the person making the reservation will be charged with a payment for the whole reservation period unless reservation conditions do not state otherwise.
  6. Change of reservation period requires the approval of Willy Walls and mainly depends on the availability of an apartments within a given period.
  7. The Guest is responsible for the correctness of data provided in the reservation form and the correct determination of planned date of check-in and check-out.
  1. The Building is not responsible for the loss or damage of property brought to the Building by Guest using it in the scope determined by current provision of Polish Law, including provision of the Civil Code.
  2. The Building is not responsible for responsibilities on account of loss or damage of money, securities, valuables, and objects that have a scientific or artistic value.
  3. The Building is not responsible for personal belongings left in Apartments by Guests.
  4. The Building is not responsible for damage or loss of car or other vehicle of the Guest, as well as belongings left in such vehicle.
  1. Guests bear full financial and legal responsibility for any type of damage, including damage or destruction of the Building’s equipment or devices occurring for reasons attributable to Guests or people visiting them.
  2. Guest should immediately inform the Building about the occurrence of damage, loss, or destruction of a property immediately after finding it by reporting this fact to the Operator under telephone number +48 729 888 555 or via e-mail address hello@willywalls.pl.
  3. All of property present in rooms and shared parts constitute as a part of the Building and as such it cannot be taken outside. In case of finding shortages in equipment after the Guest has checked-out, Willy Walls has the right to burden the Guest with amount constituting as equivalent of lost property.
  4. Underage persons should stay on the Building’s site only under the care and supervision of adult persons (e.g. parents, legal guardians, etc.) for the whole duration of their stay and parents and/or legal guardians bear full financial and legal responsibility for the behaviour of underage persons, as well as for any damages caused by them.
  5. In case of finding damages in Willy Walls or its equipment and the Guest failing to make a payment for stay, Willy Walls reserves the possibility to debit the Guest’s payment card up to amount corresponding to value of damage done or outstanding payment.
  6. There is a total ban on keeping animals on the territory of Building. Guests, who will violate this ban, will bear a complete responsibility for damages done up to their real amount, as well as costs of additional cleaning of the Building and rooms located in it.
  7. There is a total ban on smoking cigarettes and tobacco products and on using open fire in any form. In case of violating this ban, the Building has the right to impose a financial penalty in the amount of 1000 PLN. In addition, in case when the violation of this ban will result in a necessity of intervention of appropriate services, including Municipal Guards and/or Fire Department, the Building will burden the Guest with costs related to this intervention.
  8. Persons disrupting curfew and hindering recreation of other people residing in the Building can be penalised with amount equal to 1000 PLN. In addition, in case of informing appropriate services, i.e. Municipal Guards or Police, the said persons can be fined according to generally applicable provisions.
  1. The presence of the Guest in an apartment or leaving property in an apartment after 11:00 AM at the day of check-out or expiration of reservation period is treated as extension of stay without the permission of Willy Walls. In such case, Willy Walls can charge a payment for a subsequent day of renting room according to prices in force on this day and pursue compensation of damages resulting from such situation.
  2. Before the Guest leaves Willy Walls, s/he is obliged to take all of property s/he brought to the territory of Willy Walls. Otherwise, the said property after the expiration of reservation period will be stored for 3 months counting from the day following the check-out date. After the expiration of this period, the property will be confiscated by Willy Walls or will be permanently removed from Willy Walls at the expense and responsibility of the Guest, unless the Guest will submit to Willy Walls a request to return property within this period. The request should contain a description of the property with indication of its identification features and indicate address to which the property is to be returned in a way that will conclusively prove that the property should be returned to person requesting its return under the pain of denying to return the property. In case, when the return request is recognised as reasonable, the return will be carried out at the expense of the Guest after prior payment of cash to bank account indicated by Willy Walls. Exception to this rule is property that quickly becomes stale or with short use by date, e.g. food products or fruits, in case of which Willy Walls has the right to immediately remove at the expense and responsibility of the Guest. In this case the Guest has no right to request their return.
  3. Each time the Guest leave an apartment, s/he should close windows, shut down television, turn off lights, close taps or water supply chanterelles, and close door, including balcony doors.
  1. Curfew is in force between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM. During the curfew, Guests and people using the services of Willy Walls are obliged to behave in such a way that will not disturb stay of other people.
  2. People not registered in an apartment can stay in that room from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. The presence of unregistered people in the Guest’s apartment after 10:00 PM is equal to person renting an apartment accepting to pay for the accommodation of such people in his/her apartment. Accommodation of each person will occur according to accommodation rates for adult person according to current price list. Visiting people reside in rooms at the sole responsibility of the Guest.
  3. In order to ensure safety of Guests, on the territory of Willy Walls in common parts of the estate operates a 24-hour surveillance system. Data acquired from the monitoring are removed within a maximum of 15 days from the date of their registration.
  4. Cleaning of apartment covered by reservation is done at the sole request of the Guest at an extra charge in the amount of 150 PLN within 2 days counting from the date of receiving the request. Request for cleaning services is equal to the Guest accepting the entry to the apartment in order to carry out cleaning service even, when s/he is absent.
  5. The Building does not have a deposit and there is no possibility to store property, including cash, securities, and valuable property, in particular valuables and objects that have a scientific or artistic value. The Building is not responsible for property left in room safe.
  6. There are no parking spots in the Building. Parking of mechanical or other vehicles is possible outside of the Building. The Building is located in a zone of paid parking acc. to rates not dependent on Willy Walls and valid from the moment of stop, which the interested party should carry out at his own range.
  7. Due to fire safety it is forbidden to use in rooms heaters, electric water boilers, and similar devices that are not part of apartment’s equipment. This does not concern chargers or computer power supply units.
  8. The Building can provision of any services without stating a reason, in particular for the Guest, who has seriously violated Terms and Conditions during his/her previous stay, caused damage to Willy Walls or other people, or in any other way disturbed the stay of Guests and operation of the Building. Such person is obliged to immediately follow the instructions of Willy Walls, in particular instructions to leave the Building’s territory. In such case the Guest has no right to a refund of incurred costs in relation to reservation and arrival to the Building.
  9. Issues of Personal Data protection are regulated by the Privacy Protection Policy available at website under address www.willywalls.pl
  10. Willy Walls reserves the right to change or complement these Terms and Conditions or introduce new ones at any given time.